Comparing Bifacial and Monofacial Solar Panels in Canada

Solar modules in the Canadian solar market are either bifacial or monofacial solar panels. 

Understanding the differences between these solar panels is crucial to choosing the most suitable one for your project. Each one has its own unique characteristics and applications. 

Let’s get started with the differences between bifacial and monofacial modules.

Understanding Monofacial Solar Panels

Monofacial solar panels are widely used in the solar industry because they are both affordable and adaptable. 

These solar panels have a single-sided photovoltaic construction, making them a great choice for small businesses and residences.

Monofacial panels are simple to install and maintain, making them a practical choice for businesses seeking to decrease their carbon footprint without any major logistical challenges or financial burdens. 

They are especially well-suited for rooftop installations or situations where sunlight primarily comes from one direction.

Due to the single layer of glass, monofacial solar panels weigh less than bifacial panels.

Understanding Bifacial Solar Panels in Canada

Bifacial solar panels provide a distinct benefit for solar installations by generating up to 30% more energy from the same amount of sunlight shining down on them.

These panels are designed to efficiently capture sunlight from front and rear, making them suitable for Canada’s diverse landscapes and climates.

Bifacial panels can generate up to 30% more energy compared to monofacial panels by utilizing reflected sunlight that single-sided panels aren’t able to collect.

Bifacial panels are designed for durability, often strengthened with UV-resistant tempered glass, guaranteeing long-lasting resilience.

Choosing bifacial panels is a smart choice for projects looking to maximize the yield.

Bifacial vs Monofacial Solar Panels: Deciding the Winner

Choosing the right solar panel is crucial for optimizing energy production and maximizing your investment, especially in Canada, where environmental conditions can vary greatly.

Depending on your project, both module types will offer pros and cons. It’s best to speak with a solar professional when it comes to the type of module that will suit your system best.

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