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Solar panels in Canada are gaining traction, significantly contributing to a greener and more sustainable Canada. With more people turning to renewable energy, Canadian solar panels are leading the way to reduce carbon footprints and save property owners from rising and unpredictable energy fluctuations.

Capitalize on this trend for sustainable energy today!

Consider partnering with CANSOLAR Corp. as we are Canada’s preferred supplier of premium German solar panels.

Our trusted BAUER solar modules in Canada testify to our trusted partnership with the esteemed German-made BAUER solar panels.

Why Partner With CANSOLAR Corp. For Reliable Solar Panels in Canada?

At CANSOLAR Corp., our dedication to quality and client satisfaction is paramount. We’re passionate about providing tailored solar modules to cater to our clients’ needs.

Here’s why you should Join The CANSOLAR Corp. Family:

German-Engineered Excellence:

Renowned for their meticulous design and advanced technology, BAUER is offering all Canadian's the new generation of solar module options.

Partnership with BAUER:

We take immense pride in our unique and reliable partnership with BAUER, allowing us to distribute their highest-quality solar panels throughout Canada.

Solar Modules not made in China

CANSOLAR Corp. is proud to offer Canadians trusted and reliable German solar modules.

Standards and Certifications:

The certifications for our modules serve as additional evidence of our commitment to quality. Every panel we distribute are Canadian CSA-approved solar modules. We ensure they align with all Canadian stringent standards. In addition, our modules have earned the IEC 61730-2 (CSA Class C rating), the highest fire safety standard in Europe.

Nationwide Presence:

Our primary focus may be on B2B collaborations, but our vision is broader. We aim to make solar energy a feasible option for everyone across Canada. Our expansive reach and services cater to diverse sectors, ensuring the sun's sustainable power is within everyone's grasp.

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Become a Reseller of BAUER Superior Solar Panels in Canada

Step into Canada’s brighter, more sustainable future with CANSOLAR Corp. and our BAUER solar panels. At the heart of our mission is an unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled quality to our customers.

We provide BAUER panels that have earned CSA approval across Canada and the US, guaranteeing superior quality for our resellers. Our BAUER modules use only top-quality materials and the latest technology. They come with a 30-year warranty for our bifacial panels and a 20-year warranty for our mono-facial panels.

Canada’s collective dream of a sustainable world is within reach, and with every BAUER solar panel we install, we’re one step closer to making that dream a reality.

If you’re an EPC, a designer, or an installer, we see a future where we succeed together. By collaborating, we have the power to mold an industry that doesn’t just chase profits but also upholds strong values.

With CANSOLAR Corp. by your side, you’re not just choosing a solar panel provider but a partner dedicated to the solar industry in Canada. Let’s harness the sun’s potential together and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow!

Embrace the future with premium solar panels in Canada. Contact us today to resell the most advanced solar technology in the country.

Distributor of BAUER Solartechnik Modules in Canada

Are you looking for the latest advancement of solar panels in Canada? Explore our partnership with BAUER Solartechnik.

Our latest solar modules are user-friendly in installation and versatile in application. Their aesthetic design, durability, and high efficiency make them ideal for homes, businesses, utility-scale installations, and everywhere.

BAUER’s solar modules are crafted with the best materials, harnessing the newest cell and module technologies. With a legacy spanning over 20 years and a presence in 13 countries, BAUER has delivered an impressive 4 GW.

In addition, BAUER’s German-engineered bifacial solar modules capture sunlight from both sides, enhancing renewable energy production. This advanced design boosts electricity generation by up to 30%, compared to traditional PV modules that often yield just 12-27% more.

Our modules come with unmatched warranties: 30 years for bifacial and 20 years for mono-facial modules. Plus, we offer a linear performance guarantee for up to 30 years and minimal maintenance, ensuring optimal output throughout their lives.

For dependable solar solutions, whether for homes, businesses, or large-scale power generation, turn to CANSOLAR Corp. As the sole BAUER partner in Canada, we bring you the pinnacle of solar module innovation.


Bifacial solar modules are designed to capture sunlight from both sides, enhancing renewable energy production. This advanced design can boost electricity generation by up to 30%. On the other hand, mono-facial solar modules capture sunlight from only one side. BAUER offers warranties of 30 years for bifacial modules and 20 years for mono-facial modules.

CANSOLAR Corp. has partnered with BAUER to distribute high-quality, German solar panels in Canada. BAUER modules, which showcase German engineering, promise superior design and technology. This partnership ensures CANSOLAR offers the best panels with consistently high performance for all project sizes.

BAUER Solartechnik modules from CANSOLAR Corp. are user-friendly and versatile, integrating advanced cell technology with top-quality materials. These German-engineered bifacial modules enhance renewable energy efficiency. Plus, they come with a robust 30-year linear performance guarantee and require minimal maintenance, ensuring consistent and optimal performance for homeowners throughout their lifespan.

Don’t Delay – Contact CANSOLAR Corp. Today For Quality Solar Panels in Canada

CANSOLAR Corp. stands by you in Canada’s journey toward a greener future: our solar panels are a testament to innovation and environmental commitment, setting the gold standard in quality.

By distributing BAUER solar panels in Canada, we bring you the pinnacle of German engineering, ensuring unmatched performance.

Embrace this transformative energy shift and invest in a luminous, clean future.

Together, we can forge a legacy that resonates for generations.
Reach out now and be a part of the change. So don’t wait tomorrow; partner with CANSOLAR Corp. today.