Quality GERMAN Solar Panels in Alberta with BAUER

The surge of interest in solar panels in Alberta continues to grow. Natural Resources Canada believes that the province of Alberta has immense potential for solar energy, and we agree!

CANSOLAR Corp. takes pride in being Canada’s supplier of BAUER’s premium solar modules.

Are you looking for dependable panels for your solar business? You can trust CANSOLAR Corp.

With our expertise and latest innovations, we guarantee reliable German solar panels in Alberta.

5 Reasons Why You Should Join The CANSOLAR Corp. Family in Alberta

  1. Solar modules/panels not made in China (quality)
  2. Industry leading warranties to 30 years (reliability)
  3. All black German solar modules (visually appealing)
  4. Fast delivery time (quick and responsive)
  5. Free delivery across Canada

Across Alberta, homes, businesses, and industrial sectors are turning to solar energy, and CANSOLAR Corp. provides reliable solar modules for our partners.

We’re your premium distributor of BAUER solar panels in Alberta.

BAUER’s solar panels are versatile and designed for various applications. Our unique bifacial panels harness sunlight from both sides, boosting electricity generation by up to 30%. 

BAUER stands behind its products, offering an industry-leading 30-year warranty for bifacial panels and 20-years for monofacial panels.

In addition, all modules have earned the Fire Class C rating and are CSA-certified, abiding by all Canadian authorities.

We’re also active members of Solar Alberta. It means we’re deeply involved in helping Alberta use more solar power.

We stay updated, learn from the best, and bring that knowledge to our partners.

At CANSOLAR Corp., we get what businesses in Alberta need. We offer custom solar solutions, and our partnership with BAUER modules ensures you’re getting the best.

Check out our TOPCon solar module range. Get the highest quality solar modules in Alberta with CANSOLAR Corp.

Become a Reseller of Superior BAUER Solar Panels in Alberta

At CANSOLAR Corp., we’re all about top-quality solar panels to our partners in Alberta. 

Thanks to German engineering, the BAUER panels we’ve brought to Alberta are some of the best.

We’re searching for partners in the solar industry in Alberta.

We have big dreams for the solar industry and need partners like you to make them come true. We’re calling out to all solar companies that want to install the highest quality and reliable solar modules.

Buy solar panels from CANSOLAR Corp. today and join a greener, smarter business movement.

We’re more than a supplier; we’re your partner in this journey.

So, if you’re in the solar game and want a reliable partner, CANSOLAR Corp. is the name.

Join us, and together, let’s make the most of the sun’s endless energy!

Ready to Be Our Solar Partner in Alberta?

Solar energy is the future, and Alberta is embracing it.

We’re here to provide Alberta with the highest quality solar modules on the market.

CANSOLAR Corp. is a trusted partner across Canada, offering top-quality, CSA-approved solar panels.

Our partnership with BAUER and active membership in Solar Alberta shows our commitment to quality and the promotion of clean energy across the province. 

We seek resellers and installers of solar panels across Alberta to become part of our family and make a difference. 

If you’re solar-ready, don’t wait until tomorrow; let’s join forces today.


CANSOLAR Corp. is Canada’s trusted supplier of BAUER’s premium solar modules. These modules are tailored to meet the unique energy needs of the region, especially considering Canada’s harsh climates. 

  • Our solar modules are NOT made in China
  • Industry leading warranties
  • Fast and reliable delivery times

With the combination of BAUER’s global reputation for quality and CAN SOLAR Corp.’s dedication to customer satisfaction, we promise unparalleled solar solutions for Canadian households and businesses.

BAUER’s bifacial solar modules are designed to harness sunlight from both the front and back, which can boost electricity generation by up to 30%. This innovative design allows them to outperform traditional PV modules, making them more efficient in renewable energy generation.

BAUER provides a robust warranty for our solar modules. Offering a 30-year product warranty for bifacial panels and a 20-year warranty for monofacial panels. This long-term warranty shows BAUER’s confidence in the product’s quality and durability.