BAUER Solar Panels in New Brunswick: Sustainable Energy Starts Here

Solar panels in New Brunswick are a cost-effective solution due to high sunlight availability, financial incentives, and net metering benefits. If you’re a business in the solar sector, this is your chance to capitalize on the superior solar modules of BAUER. 

Are you looking for a reliable solar partner? Call us at CANSOLAR Corp. We’re looking for solar companies across New Brunswick who want access to the highest quality solar modules on the market.

Join us in this bright venture, and let us illuminate the province together!

Why CANSOLAR Corp. Is Your Best Choice for Quality Solar Panels in New Brunswick?

At CANSOLAR Corp., our unwavering commitment to excellence and ensuring our clients’ satisfaction takes center stage. We are committed to offering the highest quality solar modules in all of Canada.

Here are four reasons why you can trust CANSOLAR Corp for your solar panels in New Brunswick.

German Excellence:

At CANSOLAR Corp., we take pride in providing BAUER solar panels representing the pinnacle of German engineering. BAUER's All Black solar panels look beautiful on rooftops, as well as the new TOPCon technology that is higher efficiency compared to PERC modules.

Reliable BAUER Partnership:

Our collaboration with BAUER is a source of our immense pride. This partnership allows us the to distribute BAUER's highly esteemed solar panels throughout Canada.

Our Solar Modules are not made in china

All the panels we distribute are CSA-approved, ensuring they meet the stringent standards of Canadian authorities.

Our BAUER solar modules are NOT made in China, guaranteeing superior quality.

Accessibility and Reliable Delivery:

We offer free delivery, Canada-wide and will complete your order of high-quality solar modules in New Brunswick reliably and on time

We are committed to making solar energy a viable and accessible option for individuals and businesses across every corner of Canada.

Looking to Become a Reseller of Quality Solar Panels in New Brunswick?

The future of sustainable energy in Canada is bright, and solar in New Brunswick is no exception.

With its solar potential and the rising need for renewable energy solutions, the province presents a golden opportunity to save money with tried and tested BAUER solar panels in New Brunswick.

CANSOLAR Corp., with its commitment to excellence and innovation, is poised to lead this change. By choosing us, you’re not just selecting a product; you’re investing in a future where energy is clean, sustainable, and efficient.

Whether you’re a business looking to venture into the solar industry or a homeowner seeking to reduce energy costs, CANSOLAR Corp. offers the expertise, quality, and support you need. Take advantage of the renewable energy revolution today.

Reach out to enquire about a sustainable partnership with CANSOLAR Corp today.


New Brunswick boasts Canada’s sixth-highest solar energy potential, allowing the potential of energy to power homes and businesses in the province.

BAUER Solartechnik modules from CANSOLAR Corp. are trusted, reliable and versatile, integrating advanced cell technology with top-quality materials. These German-engineered bifacial modules enhance renewable energy efficiency. Plus, they come with a robust 30-year linear performance guarantee and require minimal maintenance, ensuring consistent and optimal performance for homeowners throughout their lifespan.