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BAUER Solar Modules Receive the Italian Class 1 Fire Protection Certificate

Test laboratory confirms the best possible fire protection behavior of the M10HB, M10HBB, 144M10HB and 144M10HBB series


Selzen, January 22nd, 2022 – BAUER Solar GmbH, a leading provider of solar technology in the European market, has received the Italian Class 1 fire protection certification for its current line of modules including the M10HB, M10HBB, 144M10HB and 144M10HBB series. The requirements of the fire protection regulation that apply in Italy (UNI 9177 - a country-specific supplement to the type certification under IEC 61730), are significantly stricter than those otherwise applicable under the EU standards. Only solar modules which are separately certified by type may be used when installing PV systems in Italy.

In cooperation with the "Istituto Giordano", accredited by the Italian government, BAUER solar modules of the M10HB, M10HBB, 144M10HB and 144M10HBB series were tested in February and awarded the "classe di reazione al fuoco uno" ("Class 1 Fire Protection Certifi-cate"). There are three fire protection classes and only solar modules that meet the requirements of the highest fire protection Class 1 with excellent fire protection behavior may be installed without further proof of the fire propagation properties of the respective roof materials.

By its efforts, BAUER Solar GmbH is able to offer high-performance and high-quality solar modules and this certification is evidence of its strict in-house quality control process, which is reflected in a performance and product guarantee of up to 30 years, and which benefits not only the Italian solar market, but rather the entire product range available throughout Europe and Canada.

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